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Train With High Quality Affordable Ammunition.


We're Here To Provide Affordable,
Quality ammo For The People


Nautilus was founded with the core principle of being able to provide people with ammunition. We are strong believers that quality ammunition should be affordable and easily available.

We want every gun owner to be able to train hard and feel confident with their firearm. We know personally how expensive this can get which deters many people from practicing with their gun as much as one should. 

This is why we made Nautilus Ammunition. We’re taking a stand against big ammo corporations and providing high quality ammo made here in Florida with competitive pricing.


Nautilus is not a retailer. Everything is made in house. No middle man to jack up prices.

Made for The People

Made in the United States of America. Backed by the Constitution.

SAAMI Standard

We follow SAAMI specifications in all of our cartridges to make sure they function as expected.

Train and Protect Yourself Without Going Broke

Training is key to being more accurate and comfortable with your firearm. Train all day with Nautilus Ammunition without breaking the bank.

Quality Ammunition
You Can Rely On

With our experience and knowledge, Nautilus can make sure that every cartridge functions correctly and surpasses the shooters expectations.


Train Hard With Reliable Ammo

We all know the annoyance of misfires, duds, hang fires, etc.  That’s why we at Natuilus inspect, source and build all our ammo from quality suppliers to bring you solid, consistent rounds.

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Quality Ammo. Happy Customers.